Computer Requirements

All Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment programs are computer-intensive. Students are required to have a personal laptop computer. 

A Microsoft Windows PC with a mouse is strongly recommended. Apple products, like MacBooks, are not fully supported by the software we will use during the program. AutoCAD has a Mac version, but the interface is not taught in class and is not as user-friendly as the Windows version. Revit does not have a Mac version and can only be used if a dual boot system is installed that allows a Windows operating system to run. 

In general, the Revit version during the year of purchase offers a good target. Please use this link to see the requirements for Revit 2024 Value: Balanced price and Performance. While student’s have cloud-based storage through Appalachian State, at least 500 GB of disk space is suggested. These computer specifications should limit the possibility of needing to upgrade during a student’s time at Appalachian State.

Appalachian State University provides computer technical support to students, faculty, and staff:

Some computer manufacturers offer Appalachian State University Students with purchasing options. Purchases may also be made through the Appalachian State Bookstore and Computer shop.