Clubs & Activities

ASU-Sustainable Energy Society (ASUSES) aka Solar Club

President: Luis Aviles, 2019-20 -
Advisor: Brent Summerville

Meeting Location and Time: Scheduled Thursdays @ 7:00pm in Katherine Harper Hall Room 178

Description/Purpose: Students in ASUSES are engaged in a variety of outreach and service activities, including video screenings, the annual Boone Solar Christmas Tree Lighting event, and many other activities. For students interested in the range of sustainalbe energy activities.

American Institute of Architects - Student (AIAS)

President: Michelle Stanziola, 2019-20 -
Advisor: Jason Miller

Meeting Location and Time: Thursdays @ 7:00pm in Katherine Harper Hall rm 7

Description/Purpose: To provide students in the Architectural Technology and Design concentration and other interested students opportunities for service and professional development activities within the field of architecture and related design-build activities. 

Habitat for Humanity - Student Chapter

President: Kayla McDougle, 2019-20 -
Vice President: Kelse Baker

Meeting Location and Time: Every Other Monday @ 6pm in Katherine Harper Hall rm 167 

Description/Purpose:  The Appalachian State campus chapter partners with the Watauga Habitat for Humanity affiliate to support the international organization through fundraising activities and community service. The club actively works to achieve the goal of Habitat for Humanity which is to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Professional Construction Estimators of America (PCEA)

President:  Chase Newsome,
Vice President: Ezequiel Cortes,
Treasurer:  Owen Merritt,
Secretary: Morgan Beam,
Advisor: Reza Foroughi, 

Meeting Location and Time: Thursday @ 7:00pm in Katherine Harper rm 17

Description/Purpose: Appalachian State University’s Student Chapter of the Professional Construction Estimators of America (PCEA) is the first Student Chapter in the organizations history. It was chartered on December 3. 2013. The club brings a commercial focus to the Building Science Program’s student clubs complementing the Student Builders Association. The PCEA mission is to provide educational speakers, field trip opportunities, OSHA 10 Safety Training, and of course fellowship to its members.

Student Builders Association (SBA)

President:  Chase Newsome,
Vice President: Ezequiel Cortes,
Treasurer:  Owen Merritt,
Secretary: Morgan Beam,
Advisor: Reza Foroughi, 

Meeting Location and Time: Thursday @ 7:00pm in Katherine Harper rm 17

Description/Purpose: The Student Builders Association is an organization with an emphasis on education and networking in the construction industry. The club welcomes students from every major and background, especially those from the Department of Sustainability and the Built Environment. Club meetings are held weekly and host representatives from the industry to talk about their career, company, and experiences, as well as providing a chance to network together for internships and job opportunities.

There are annual club dues and food and refreshments are also provided at every meeting.

Sunergy - Solar Vehicle Team

Advisor: Chris Tolbert

Meeting Location and Time: Thursdays, 7:00-9:00pm in Katherine Harper Hall, Room 17 

Team Sunergy is comprised of students, faculty, and staff from various campus units, spread across Appalachian State University, working together for one common goal: to research and develop solar-powered race cars. Due to their unique location in the heartland of racing, Team Sunergy uses the platform of solar-powered racing to drive innovation in renewable energy technology for sustainable transportation. 

Team Sunergy has seen continued growth and success since they first drove their solar car, Apperion, in the 2016 American Solar Challenge.  In 2018, Team Sunergy designed and built their first solar car, ROSE (Racing on Solar Energy) from the ground up. As a cruiser class vehicle, ROSE was designed to incorporate the comfort and practicality of an everyday vehicle while still getting all of its power from the sun.  Team Sunergy raced ROSE in the 2018 Formula Sun Grand Prix: a three day track race that took place in Hastings, Nebraska. ROSE managed to secure third place in the cruiser class, driving almost 400 miles on a closed track, and qualify for the American Solar Challenge. For the 2018 American Solar Challenge, Team Sunergy drove ROSE nearly 1,800 miles from Omaha, NE to Bend, OR along parts of the Oregon Trail.  After eight days of hard racing on the open highway, Team Sunergy managed to tie for second place with the University of Minnesota. 

With over 2,000 miles of competing under their belt, Team Sunergy is looking to make a huge impact at the 2020 American Solar Challenge.  Team Sunergy plans to use the next year to modify ROSE to make it the most competitive solar car on the road. Modifications will include, redesigning all of the electrical systems, optimizing steering and suspension for weight and performance, and working on the interior to boost ROSE’s practicality.  This unique project provides numerous opportunities for hands-on learning and professional development. 

To learn more, visit the team's website at    To donate, please visit

Women of Appropriate Technology Sustainability (WATS)

President: Jessie Wilson, 2019-20 -

Meeting Location and Time:  Alternate Thursdays @ 6:00pm in Katherine Harper Hall Room 180


Women of Appropriate Technology and Sustainability (WATS) is a club for any individual interested in sustainable technology and sustainability. It is not just for women or just for AT/ST students. WATS participates in educational opportunities to learn more about sustainable technologies and sustainability, connects with women in the industry, and focuses to make a positive impact within the department and community through educational outreach and service projects related to sustainable technology and sustainability.