The MOBILab goes mobile!

This February, the Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment sent the MOBILab - an energy self-sufficient mobile classroom and research station - up to the North Carolina Small Wind Application Center (NCWAC) site on Beech Mountain. The MOBILab was designed and built by students in the IDEXlab (Integrative Design Experience Laboratory), a program which offers a non-traditional learning experience for students through real projects.

The IDEXlab cohort created a mobile space that establishes an interactive learning community, showcases sustainable building practices, and facilitates ongoing and future research.  The intent of the mobile structure is to provide a place for education, research, and exhibition for the department’s many off-campus research facilities. In addition to the small wind research site, the department also carries out research at the Nexus Biomass Greenhouse and the Solar Lab at State Farm, making the need for a mobile classroom even more current.

As the MOBILab settles in at Beech Mountain, we are excited to see how it performs and look forward to seeing where it might go next!

MobiLab at the North Carolina Small Wind Application Center at Beech Mountain
Published: May 30, 2017 4:40pm