Harris Integrated Solutions Donates HVAC Controls Equipment for Students to Use

The Building Science program at Appalachian State University would like to thank Harris Integrated Solutions for their extremely generous donation of Automated Logic Controls equipment and software. This contribution establishes an educational lab space for students interested in learning about building automation systems and control. Beyond the generous donation, the Harris Integrated Solutions staff have been valuable resources in getting the equipment and associated software ready for students.

Included in this package are wireless sensors and thermostats, touch screen monitoring, multiple controllers, a robust network router, and access to the WebCTRL software suite. Students may now simultaneously work on understanding aspects of programming along with the physical installation of sensors, actuators, and other equipment.

This donation opens the door for faculty to incorporate more building automation content into the Sustainable Building Systems concentration. A more complete understanding of HVAC controls and building automation will elevate students' potential in the fields of energy efficiency, sustainable building design, and beyond.

Dr. Windham has utilized the equipment in TEC4532 HVAC Systems and Performance to introduce students to the cyber and physical sides of controls systems. The lab station will be incorporated into other courses in the future.

Once again, the Department of Sustainable Technology & the Built Environment extend our thanks to Harris Integrated Solutions for helping boot up this important avenue of education at App State!

Building Science students working at the HVAC controls station
Published: Mar 16, 2021 4:23pm