Three Honors Students Successfully Defend Their Honors Thesis

Reflecting back on Spring 2022 semester's end, we'd like to announce that three of our undergraduate students in the Honors program defended their Departmental/University Honors Thesis successfully: Jessica Navarro-Luviano: Application of Composite Materials in Solar Cars and Techniques for its Performance improvement (University Honors) ; Ron Kitchings: An Energy Performance Analysis of a Small-Scale Anaerobic Digester in the Late Fall (Departmental Honors); Denise Renteria: The Effect of Recycling Asphalt Shingles in the State of North Carolina (Departmental Honors) Thanks to Dr. Reza Foroughi, Dr. Jeremy Ferrell, and Dr. Sharareh Shirzad for advising our honors' students!  Pictured are the students, along with our instructors, Dr. Ok-Youn Yu, Dr. Jeremy Ferrell, Dr. Jim Houser, and Dr. Sharareh Shirzad.

Honors Student Denise Renteria with Dr. Yu and Dr. Shirzad
Published: Jun 3, 2022 1:27pm