Small Wind at Beech Mountain Provides Research and Learning for Students

The Small Wind Research and Demonstration Site is a set of small wind turbines maintained and experimented on by Appalachian State and is located in Beech Mountain.

Sustainable Technology Practitioner-In-Residence Brent Summerville said the site serves as a research site on the potential energy of the area, a research and development site for new equipment supplied by wind energy manufacturers, and a teaching resource for students to learn about building, operating and maintaining wind turbines.

The number of turbines at the site changes regularly as old machines are decommissioned and newer ones are installed. Currently seven turbines are being operated.

The site also hosts a multi-carrier cell tower and an off-grid solar panel near the control building block.

Summerville said that Appalachian State and Boone have historically been active in wind technology. To read the full story, visit

Beech Mountain Small Wind Facility
Published: Sep 28, 2015 9:28am