Computer Requirements

All programs in the Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment are computer intensive. Currently, students are requested to have a laptop computer for each of the programs and some programs require the laptop. A docking station for the laptop can be purchased for the dormitory. The technology is advancing so rapidly, it is difficult to anticipate software and hardware changes during the four year college experience. While these specifications are developed to ensure maximum viability of computers for the college experience, software upgrades may drive more sophisticated hardware requirements and may require upgrades or replacements of the computers prior to completing the degree. Below you will find specifications for computers that will provide maximum longevity for students entering Appalachian State University.

Appalachian State University provides computer technical support to students, faculty, and staff:

Dell™ and Apple™ offer Appalachian State University Students with purchasing options.

Purchases may be made through the Appalachian State Bookstore and Computer shop.