USGBC Holding LEED GA Workshop March 24th

The Student Chapter of the United States Green Building is excited to announce our upcoming LEED GA Workshop. 

 Workshop Location and Time: Thunder Hill Hall room 186 from 9am - 4pm on Friday, March 24th

 Are you looking to make a difference in the world of sustainable design and construction? LEED Green Associates are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and implement green building practices in your workplace and community.

Join students, faculty and other stakeholders to hear their insights and identify their strategies to solve project goals and challenges for health, energy, and environmental performance.

This training provides essential knowledge of sustainable building concepts that are fundamental to all LEED Rating Systems. It begins with an introduction to the benefits and integrative approach to green building, and a brief background on the U.S. Green Building Council and LEED, including the basics of the building certification process. The core of the workshop presents LEED intents and concepts at the credit category level - across building types and rating systems - touching on strategies, synergies, and specific examples that are reinforced by real project cases. Key metrics and standards referenced in LEED are introduced throughout the workshop. This course lays the foundation for the LEED Green Associate credential and will cover details to sit for the exam. This interactive workshop will include quizzing and games to help prepare for what is on the exam.


Link to reserve your spot:

Published: Feb 17, 2023 9:17am