Jack Martin's Solar Bike Adventure

Not only do our Sustainable Technology and Built Environment faculty teach well, but they also embark on grand adventures--sustainable, of course.  For example,  our longtime faculty member Jack Martin participated in the inaugural Sun Trip California this past summer. Held in Europe since 2010, the Sun Trip is a showcase for new mobility forms, and each adventurer is considered a solar energy and eco-mobility ambassador to showcase the bicycle's efficiency. The 2022 Sun Trip California group was composed of 10 people, including Jack Martin,  and on May 31 to June 5, they began on their solar-powered bikes from Palo Alto and completed a 500-mile loop along the ocean and inland. In this first-time U.S. trip, these participants laid the foundations for the future development of The Sun Trip in the United States. Enjoy this video link which is a trailer for an upcoming documentary.  Congratulations to  Sun Ambassador Jack Martin!



Published: Oct 28, 2022 4:55pm