Dr. Jim Houser


  • Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, Cornell University
  • M.S., Technology,  Appalachian State University
  • B.A., Biology,  Wake Forest University

Teaching Specialties: 

  • Biofuels 
  • Systems Modeling 
  • Society and Technology

Professional Affiliations or Organizations: 

  • American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

Research Interests: 

  • Farm-based renewable energy
  • Agricultural waste management
  • Alternative transportation
  • Renewable energy storage
  • Regional energy policy


  • Houser, J. B., and R. Pitt. 2008. Simulation of Soil Loss and Available Water Content to Assess the Sustainability of Selected Farm Practices. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture. Vol. 32 (3), pp. 507-527.
  • Keplinger, K.O., J.B. Houser, J. B., L. M. Hauck, A. Tanter, and L. Beran. 2004. Cost and Affordability of Phosphorus Removal at Small Wastewater Treatment Plants. Small Flows Quarterly Vol. 5, Issue 4.
  • Houser, J. B. and G. Hoogenboom. 2001. Environmental data collection, retrieval, and dissemination. The Georgia Engineer. 5(3):5-6.
  • Hutson, J. L., R. E. Pitt, R. K. Koelsch, J. B. Houser and R. J. Wagenet. 1998. Improving Dairy Farm Sustainability II: Environmental Losses and Nutrient Flows. Journal of Production Agriculture. 11:2 pp 233-239.
  • Pimentel, D., J. Houser, E. Preiss, O. White, H. Fang, L. Mesnick, T. Barsky, S. Tariche, J. Schreck, and S. Alpert. 1997. Water Resources: Agriculture, the Environment, and Society. Bioscience. 47:2 pp 97-106

Courses Taught: 

  • TEC 2029 Society and Technology 
  • TEC 3601 Energy Issues and Technology 
  • TEC 3638: Foundation of Sustainable Technology
  • TEC 4638: Comtemp Prob Sustainable Technology
  • TEC 4700/5700 Biofuels Technology
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-3123

Office address
Katherine Harper Hall 16