Dr. C.A. Debelius Researching the Interface of Architecture and Construction

C.A. Debelius, EdD, MArch, RA, LEED AP, an associate professor in the Building Science program, is pursuing off-campus scholarly research during the fall 2018 semester. Dr. Debelius is undertaking a series of related studies that construct a formal diagrammatic analysis of architectural form and composition relative to adjacent contextual conditions.


Of particular note are his investigations of the primary facades of H.H. Richardson’s Sever Hall (1878) at Harvard University and two recent additions (2007) to the University of Virginia School of Architecture. In both cases, Dr. Debelius seeks to uncover the complementary – or contradictory – formal relationships between these building projects relative to the contexts of Harvard Yard and Thomas Jefferson’s “academical village” at UVa, respectively.


In addition, Dr. Debelius is using this research semester to develop content for a special topics course in the Building Science program that examines innovative construction methods in prefabricated buildings.


Dr. Debelius is a registered architect that specializes in teaching foundation-level design studios, structural design, sustainable design and construction, and architectural visualization and representation. He holds a EdD from Appalachian State University, a MArch from Harvard University, and a BA from Dartmouth College. Dr. Debelius joined the Appalachian State faculty in 2010.

C.A. Debelius, EdD, MArch, RA, LEED AP
Published: Aug 31, 2018 9:58am