Continued opportunity for Sustainable Technology program students to test turbines at premier wind research center

 Students in the Sustainable Techology program in Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment at Applachian State University will enjoy working on continued testing of the Sonsight Wind 3 kW wind turbine at the Small Wind Research & Demonstration Site on Beech Mountain. Another round of funding has been obtained to test the turbine for another year. Thanks to the Appalachian Energy Center for administering the funding and helping keep our Beech Mountain facility up-and-running.

Here is a video tour showing some of the turbines running at the site.


A little background...

Directed by Brent Summerville, Practitioner-in-Residence,  the site is a collaborative project supported by Appalachian State University Department of Sustainable Technology & the Built Environment, the Appalachian Energy Center and the National Renewable Energy Lab. Growing out of several years of wind energy research, the NCWAC is part of the national Wind for Schools program and serves all wind energy stakeholder in our state. The NCWAC supports schools hosting wind turbines, leads wind education and outreach activities, consults for stakeholders interested in wind energy and is recognized nation-wide among the industry for its Small Wind Research & Demonstration Site on Beech Mountain, testing state-of-the-art turbine technology and demonstrating wind systems currently available on the American Marketplace and provides support for wind energy applications. This facility features 7 small wind turbine systems suitable for residential, farm, or business applications and provides a truly unique hands-on training experience with educational workshops and seminars.

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Sustainable Technology Students at Beech Mountain, NC
Published: May 15, 2020 1:22pm