Building Science Student Club Wins 4th Annual Gingerbread Competition

AIAS, the American Institute of Architectural Students Club, took the overall trophy in the 4th Annual Gingerbread House Competition held on November 16.  The competition was organized by Appalachian State's Habitat for Humanity Club benefiting the local Watauga Habitat Chapter with over $400 raised.  Anyone in the Appalachian State or Boone community was invited to participate in the fun.  SBA, the Student Builder's Assoication at Appstate, took the "Most Traditional" award with their entry.  Students formed teams of 5 members and paid a $25 registration fee.   Teams were provided with graham crackers and icing with encouragement to bring candy for personalized decorating.  App's Habitat for Humanity club members worked very hard in the weeks before the competition to solicit graham crackers and icing donations from local stores.  Each year John Clark, STBE faculty member, (shamelessly) promotes the competition. This year he raised the stakes a little more than extra credit... there was a new trophy involved. Many from Building Science program clubs such as SBA and AIAS joined in for some serious, but friendly, competition.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit where "families in need of a decent place to live build safe and affordable homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity."  Check out Habitat for Humanity to learn more.  Head over to Appalachian State's Habitat for Humanity student club to learn more about the sponsor of this fun event.

AIAS Winner of 4th Annual Gingerbread Competition
Published: Dec 4, 2017 4:19pm