Appropriate Tech grad student helps local food truck go solar

Boone, NC - Local restauranteur, Tina Houston, operates a successful food truck, Betty's Biscuits. Until this past sunny, late fall Sunday, she powered the truck with a noisy propane generator. Tina approached Brent Summerville in the Sustainable Tech program in late summer 2018 with a wish and hope to power her mobile business with solar power. Appropriate Tech Graduate student, Chris Stevens, took the project on. 

Chris monitored the power and energy requirements of truck deployments using a Sense energy monitor and used the results to design the system. Nathan's Batteries in Willesboro supplied the state-of-the-art ReLion Lithium Iron Phosphate battery for the heart of the system. Solar City PV modules cover the truck roof with non-penetrating RV mounts. Chris found locations in the space-constrained mobile kitchen for a Midnite Solar DC junction box, Midnite Classic 200 charge controller, and a 5000 Watt Scheider Electric inverter. 

After Chris commissioned the system, Tina and her team rolled into a sunny spot in Boone on Sunday morning, 11 November 2018 and, for the first time, quietly sold delicious, solar-powered biscuits to happy customers. Tina was thrilled for the sustainability upgrade and Chris was happy for the experience of designing and building the system. 

To read a more indepth article in High Country Press, click "view original" link below the last photo.



 Grad Student Chris Stevens PV Design with STBE Appstate

Betty's Biscuits PV Design with STBE Appstate
Published: Nov 13, 2018 8:28am